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OSS provides senior family wedding photography



As fine artists, the charm and beauty that could be captured from a single moment was always apparent. And the earth, filled with all the vibrant faces and beautiful smiles, proved an infinite reservoir for inspiration. But it was a reservoir that was constantly changing, causing old memories to fade and allowing new ones to rise.


We have found that through a camera, a proud triumph, a beloved smile, or a cherished moment will not be lost in the streams of fate. It soon became apparent, that a photograph was not merely a flat image, but a living world condensed to a single moment, filled to the brink with emotion, preserved to be relived again and again.


We strive to make sure every stray shadow, every bright pixel, every shape and angle, come together to preserve those sweet moments so they will be every bit as magical as they were originally.


We are not just taking pictures, we are capturing memories. We are specialized in senior pictures, family photos and wedding photography.

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